We are a family of believers whose attitudes are being transformed, resulting in a desire to worship and serve God, to love and invest our lives in one another and to reach out to those without Christ.

We are striving to be like Jesus Christ in our thoughts and actions while seeking to share the Good News of the Gospel with those who do not yet know Him.  Consequently, those who encounter us whether corporately or individually will see and desire the heart change Jesus brings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring those who are far from God to a loving relationship with Jesus.

How do we make disciples?

  • Worship:

    • We learn to love God, and exhibit that love, through corporate worship. We are commanded to love God with all our hearts, soul, and strength (Matthew 22:37-38). While corporate worship is a group activity, it is really an individual thing we do while in a large group.


  • Small Groups:

    • We need to learn to love God's people and discover God's plan for spiritual growth through relationships with others who are also trying to grow. The Bible teaches that Christians need relationships to grow. Therefore, we have Small Groups (Sunday School classes) in which we come together to encourage one another in our faith as we study God's Word.


  • Ministry:

    • The third step of our strategy is learning how to serve others through organized and individual acts. These can be random acts of kindness in Jesus' name; working with others on a ministry team or in a Small Group; or volunteering in various community services.