October 28, 2018

We have all of our permits approved from the county. This includes the traffic study, civil, sewer, and the building itself.

After our permits were approved, we went out to get a detailed cost estimate on our project. We had our General Contractor (Cochise Tech) and a builder from Building God's Way provide two separate cost estimates on the building. The $4.7 million that was estimated by BGW came in at over $7 million.

After much prayer and discussion it was finally agreed upon that BGW was not the right fit for VMBC and we terminated our ties with BGW and selected a new architect.

After completing our background check, the Phase IV Team selected Lizard Rock Designs out of Tucson.

The one item that mainly stood out to the Phase IV Team about Lizard Rock was that they have an extensive sub contract base that bids on their projects and they are willing to share that information with us and help us in that area as needed for the skill sets that are not available in this area to handle a large complex project.

We are, at this time, amending our contract with Cochise Tech to include the services of Lizard Rock Designs. When that is completed the Phase IV Team will send it to the Trustees for review, comments, and approval or disapproval.

If approved we are looking at March 2019 time frame for the 30% drawings to be completed and present them to the church body.