March 9, 2016 UPDATE

Hello Church Family, 

Update on where we are at on the building plans. The Phase IV Team met with the county engineering staff for a pre-submittal of the building plans on February 24th. It was a good meeting and the county engineers were very helpful in providing us on what we were lacking as far as documentation. We have several items to complete before we do our primary submittal to the county. Our Civil Engineer needs to complete the site drawings to show all of our parking areas. Now that we have a verbal agreement between the church and a homeowner to grant us an easement for the sewer run the Civil Engineer is completing the required drawings. We need to have a traffic analyze done also. We are currently working on getting bids for this. Our timeline to submit the building plans to the county along with all the required permits will be by the end of April. Also, you may have noticed that there is a new equipment shed behind the Adult building. The equipment shed will be textured to match the new building when it is constructed. Please continue to pray for this project in the way Holy Spirit leads you.


Phase IV Team