May 2019 Update

Construction Update                                                                              

May 14, 2019

The Phase IV Team, General Contractor Cochise Tech and Development and Lizard Rock Architects have made great progress in the planning stages of the new sanctuary. We have completed the 100% review of the architects design and approved them. Lizard Rock Architects has a few details to finalize with the mechanical and Civil engineers. Our General Contractor is in the process of requesting 65 % bid requests from sub contractors and they anticipate feed back from the sub contractors by the end of May or the first week of June. When the bids are received our General Contractor and the Phase IV Team will compile the cost estimates to see if we will be within budget for the complete project. If we are within our budget then we will have Lizard Rock Architects proceed in developing the plans on CD’s per Cochise Counties request. We will then submit the plans to the county for review approximately end of July time frame. Once Cochise County approves the plans and issues our permit then our General Contractor will go out for finalized bids from the sub contractors.  Our prayer is the county reviewers will act promptly on the plans and they will go through the process of review in minimal time.  At this time we are still scheduling construction to start in the November – December time frame.